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Best American Car Brands: A Rich Past and a Promising Future – Part 1

Best American Car Brands

Baseball might be known as America’s favorite pastime, but cars are what truly drive the culture. American car brands aren’t merely household names, they are part of identities. In some ways, part of the family.

While there’s no shortage of long-lasting US car brands, a new era of automotive expertise is taking over. Will the new rivals be able to compete with the well-established? Or will they vanish into history like a fad from the last decade?

This list of the top American car brands is not onlya history lesson, it’s a path forward to
the future of American roads and a way of life.

The Best American Car Brands

1FORDbest american car brand ford logo - Luxe Digital
2CHEVROLETbest american car brands chevrolet logo - Luxe Digital
3TESLAbest american car brands tesla logo - Luxe Digital
4JEEPbest american car brands jeep logo - Luxe Digital
best american car brands ram logo - Luxe Digital
best american car brands gmc logo - Luxe Digital
best american car brands dodge logo - Luxe Digital
best american car brands buick logo - Luxe Digital


best american car brands ford review -Ensure Lifestyle

This incredible American vehicle brand was quick to utilize a sequential construction system with computerized creation. More than a century after the fact, Passage actually rules by delivering the smash hit vehicle of the beyond 30 years, the F-150 pickup truck.

Year founded: 1903
Annual sales: 1.82 million units
Most popular model: F-150 
Official website:https://www.ford.com/


best american car brands chevrolet review -Ensure Lifestyle

When it comes to iconic American car companies, it would be impossible to overlook Chevrolet. Its consistent pursuit of new designs and technology has allowed this US car brand to stay ahead of most competitors.

Chevy excels at providing a wide array of reliable vehicles at an affordable price, on top of some of the best classic cars in existence.

Year founded: 1911
Annual sales: 1.44 million units
Most popular model: Silverado
Official website:https://www.chevrolet.com/


best american car brands tesla review - Ensure Lifestyle

Nikola Tesla brought about a revolution in AC electrical energy, and the aptly named Tesla Inc. US car brand has done a similar feat for electric vehicles.

What started as a niche automaker with one roadster option has now skyrocketed into a top American car brand. Tesla’s introduction of two sedans and two crossover SUVs has created jaw-dropping growth with no signs of relenting.

Year founded: 2003
Annual sales: 936,172 units
Most popular model: Model 3
Official website:https://www.tesla.com/


best american car brands jeep review - Ensure Lifestyle

The military need for a capable off-road vehicle allowed this American car manufacturer to establish its roots. Decades later, Jeep remains dedicated to providing capable sport utility vehicles, with popular crossover and off-road models.

You’ll find Jeeps all over the United States, some taking care of the daily commute and others conquering isolated four-wheel drive trails.

Year founded: 1941
Annual sales: 778,711 units
Most popular model: Grand Cherokee
Official website:https://www.jeep.com/


best american car brands ram review - Ensure Lifestyle

There’s no doubting America’s love for pickup trucks. And when gathering American car makers serving this segment, Ram sits high on the list.

Ram first started as a moniker for various Dodge trucks. It branched off into its own entity and showcases the incredible demand for lightweight and heavy-duty trucks across the county.

Year founded: 2010
Annual sales: 647,331 units
Most popular model: Ram Pickup
Official website:https://www.ramtrucks.com/


best american car brands gmc review - Ensure Lifestyle

Yet another American auto company that started at the turn of the 20th century has been able to stay in the game. GMC began building trucks that proved useful for military purposes throughout World War I and II.

It has stayed true to its roots by focusing on trucks while adding SUV and van models to meet growing demand.

Year founded: 1911
Annual sales: 482,437 units
Most popular model: Sierra 1500
Official website:https://www.gmc.com/


best american car brands dodge review - Ensure Lifestyle

This brand started as a sibling partnership supplying parts to other American-owned car companies. It eventually transitioned into producing its own vehicles, and after a century of ups and downs, has landed a secure position in the automotive industry.

Dodge now offers some of the most powerful mass-production vehicles in the world.

Year founded: 1900
Annual sales: 215,724 units
Most popular model: Charger
Official website: https://www.dodge.com/


best american car brands buick review - ensurelifestyle

You could best describe Buick’s long history as a roller coaster ride. At times, this American-made car brand has gone through phases of incredible struggle as well as ultimate success. 

Buick’s offerings hit the middle of General Motors’ lineup, more luxurious than Chevrolet models but not as upmarket when compared to Cadillac.

Year founded: 1903
Annual sales: 179,799 units
Most popular model: Encore GX
Official website:https://www.buick.com/

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