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Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear 

today’s blog is on summer/spring essentials, means such pieces that you must have not depending on your style but in general.  

Spring Summer 2022 Menswear Are

Every day sneakers(Menswear)

First item is white sneakers which you can wear daily or a high top converse which can pair with plain white or take a low top one which will end at the ankle level and of leather material as they are classy or you can go for canvas material in white or black which are high top is the one over ankle.

This is best for college and casual, here we are playing with white and black because we want to get value here  and here we are talking about everyday summers/spring items  so here sneaker is a must investment or else it’s a loss of your legs take converse that is best brand and if you’re looking for budget then take a look at budget shopping video/blog for sneakers  

white sneakers 
daily sneakers

Every day Shoe(Menswear)

Next item is everyday shoe depending on your taste you can go for brown colour loafers of suede Chelsea boots this you will wear on that day when you don’t want to wear sneakers or else brown loafers and beige boots as both will look good on every outfit, I would say take suede material as leather will burn your feet in summers, I prefer loafers as they are more cool in summers or you can go for boots biker boots.

 let me tell you one thing your feet will get hot just club the styles together and you should be good. 


Every Day Shirt(Menswear)

Summer essential is everyday shirt I won’t include a white shirt because they are needed in every formal occasion, I will recommend a shirt for casual occasions you can go for white polo or a mandarin collar linen shirt with linen, you will feel less hot and both will look good on you. this everyday shirt if you go on a date then you can wear it there or a formal meet too, you can wear it for office casual days we know that in offices you need to wear formal. the mandarin collar shirt gives casual touch the collar is smart and it will make you look smart. 

Every Day T-shirt (Menswear)

 Next summer essential is 2 everyday t-shirts in either white or black or navy maroon etc. these must be in slim fit you can pair them with different outfits and its value for money, if your skinny then go for long sleeves if your muscular go for short sleeves it should be plain no design etc.  

 if you’re scared of it being too graphic then  your first graphic tee must be in black colour  this is best for having fun with friends.

white shirt

Smart Pants (Menswear)

Next item is smart pants which you can go for denim or light wash or you can go for grey or khaki chinos all these pants will go with the t-shirts just remember to take slim fit to maintain versatility  (versatility meaning in order don’t buy pattered) ones the stitching must be white or golden  you can pair this pant with any sneakers or shoes.

light blue

Stylish Pants (Menswear)

Further essential item is stylish pants this is for to look super good on outings.  this depends on what type of lifestyle you live if you live a smart lifestyle  then you can wear a white linen pants not in slim fit though  because its linen material you will feel that airflow and you won’t even feel hot and its light so it can be paired with any shirt; so there versatility too is maintained or if your into streetstyle then you can go for cargos they have lots of pockets too and whether its summer or winters cargos. 


Shorts (Menswear)

So next summer essential is shorts now whether you wear it at home or out I would recommend you must wear shorts in your city and bring out a style statement with it go for chino shorts a cut down version of chino pants the length matters the most over if you wear it over your knee it will look weird or below your knew like an uncle if you want a casual street shorts then go for sweat shorts these look cool as they flow well and will pair perfect with a graphic t-shirt so these were the essential pieces that you must own at any cost on .


So here are the Spring Summer 2022 Menswear

thank youuuuu

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